Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some Housekeeping

Nothing really new to is just moving on. Here are some of the highlights....

Had a great time with my family in Utah...a much needed vacation for mom....thanks to everyone who made it possible for me to spend 5 days without children!
Brought home a toy replica of the Liahona, courtesy of Deseret Book (can you believe people doubted me when I told them that OF COURSE they would have a toy Liahona!?), as well as $175 worth of Book of Mormon action figures that have brought much pleasure to all my children. Harry was quite pleased with the Liahona for about 20 minutes until it promptly broke. I told him, you have to be REALLY obedient for it to work!

Charlie celebrated his first Tiny Tiger Graduation.....didn't want to wear the hat, but there's always next year for that!

Charlie with his friend Avery....

Joe and Maggie both completed Futsal (indoor soccer). No picture of Maggie because we missed her party to go to the beach to see Darin, Annee, Taylor and Alyssa...

Had a GREAT time at the beach visiting aunts, uncles and cousins....went out for pizza.

Actually got to take this picture before the security guards kicked us out (notice the children are on the second tier of this fountain)

Had some sibling bonding time as Alyssa demonstrated her hair cutting skills, and Darin revealed just how detail oriented he really is (sorry Annee...I had no idea it was THAT bad:)

My children fell in love with the Lark's dogs...this dog inparticular...WE LOVE CHICO!

Had fun playing at the beach with Uncle Taylor and Aunt Alyssa (the only adults who actually have energy to PLAY with the children!)

Maggie got to build a sandcastle....And Joe got burried in the sand!

Since then, school has gotten out and the weather has heated up. We've spent the last three days in 105-110 degree heat...which is basically unheard of in our part of the state. We've done lots of swimming, slip and sliding, and popscicle eating! And finally....Harry lost a tooth! I've never had a child lose a tooth before the end of kindergarten...much less before they even started. It made me surprisingly sad to know that he's old enough to lose teeth.....a

And lastly, one Kidism I heard this week that made me laugh. Maggie and Harry were playing Lego Star Wars on the PlayStation. Maggie was Leah, and Harry was Anakin. I just thought it was amusing when my seven year old daughter instructed her brother, "Harry, we've got to work as a team...I'll stand on this spot, and you use the force to move those bricks.", and then once the bricks were moved, Harry yelled at his sister, "No Maggie, Jedi First, Jedi First!", to which Maggie calmly replied, "Actually Harry, the term is Ladie's First, not Jedi First." I don't know...just made me smile.

We're off to Oregon next week for two weeks and then over to Utah for a week....should be interesting if nothing else!