Tuesday, March 31, 2009


If it's a Tuesday at my house, this is where you will find John for a good portion of the morning. In all, he can see up to six different trucks drive up and down our street....it's teaching him patience.

Imagine his excitement when we found the garbage workers lunching at a nearby park. John got to get up close and personal with a truck. I didn't have to courage to ask the workers to let him look inside (that's really taking it too far, right?)

Here's wishing you a great Tuesday (or "Gar Day", as John calls it)!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Digital Taunting

I hate that every time I check my sister's blog, I see how long it's been since I updated mine....just sitting there, telling me it's been three, no, four weeks since I last updated. I can just hear it's taunting voice, "Brooke hasn't updated her blog in four weeks...na na na na na na" (You get the idea) Just a little digital reminder of my blogging failures - as if I didn't already know! So, when I went upstairs today to see if John had fallen asleep, and heard, rather than saw that he had, I decided this was as good a post as any. The following is the reason that no one will share a room with John, and also the reason we're seeing an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor VERY soon. Maybe this isn't so bad...I'm sure all of you who have had kids with tonsil issues will laugh at how minor his snoring really is. But, to us, it's pretty bad. Do you think he's actually getting any rest? It sounds like more work than it's worth to me!
I couldn't get the video to work here, so you can check it out here....


Other than that, we've just been plugging along. If I hadn't dropped my camera last weekend at the beach and broken it, I'd show you a picture of Jack standing in his aero saucer, looking way to old for his two little months.

Maggie and I got to go to her first Stake Activity Day Luncheon a couple of weeks ago, so of course, we had to have matching skirts to wear! (This picture makes me realize how much cuter the skirt looks in it's minature version, but oh well) We had a great time, making headbands, decorating cupcakes and having a yummy lunch.

Also, here are some pictures of Joe at his birthday-promised Laker Game. He had a great time sitting in the fourth row behind the bench. To bad they lost in the last three seconds! It was still a great time!

Spring has finally hit the central coast, and other than having to explain to my children every day that we can't go swimming just because it's spring, and that most people have to actually wait until the summer to swim, we're having a great time in the lovely weather.

Charlie just asked me if dad was at work at the bank. I answered that yes, he was. Charlie then said, "Oh, good, I hope he can bring home some money so I can get this new lego ship (the spring catalog just arrived in the mail today). I feel ya, Charlie...I hope he can bring home some money too! :)