Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A glimpse of days to come

This morning I had a glimpse into my future...and it was beautiful. I got up this morning, got the three school-bound children off to school with Joe (he takes them on his way to work), and found that my two children still at home were still asleep! The house was so quiet and wonderful! I straightened up the house, started the dishwasher, and still managed to sit down and watch a few minutes of the Today show before they woke up. What a wonderful way to start the day!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween, John Turns One, and Webkinz

Well it's been a busy week. First we had a Pirate Family Halloween, complete with all five children AND mom and dad in costume. I think this is a first for our family...I also think it's a last for us! Coordinating seven pirate costumes with hats, swords, and other assorted accessories is not something I want to do again. On the 30th, we went to the church for our "Trunk or Treat", and on the 31st we went trick or treating with friends. By the end of that evening, I was regretting my decision one year ago to be induced with John on the first of November. The last thing I wanted to do this year was plan a party. Of course the last thing I wanted to do last year was spend ONE MORE DAY being pregnant, so I guess it all evens out. I have to admit, John took the prize this year as the cutest pirate...I still can't believe how cute he looks in this thing...I want to put him in it every day!

Even after that, we had two parties for little John this year. One with just the family...John wasn't too sure about the cake thing in this one....

But by the next party with friends (of Mom and Dad's, because what one year old has friends unless he's your first child?), John had warmed up to the idea of cake.....

And finally this week, we have the story of Joe, Maggie and the Webkinz. Joe and Maggie share a Webkinz. For any of you who don't know what that is, here's the general idea. You buy this little stuffed animal of your choice. It has a code on the tag. When you register your Webkinz online, you enter this virtual world of pet care...you can earn money by playing educational games, and then use the money to buy clothes, food, toys, etc.. for your virtual pet. This is the perfect pet for children in a family of five. Anyway, yesterday, Joe came to me, complaining about the Webkinz. Apparently, he had spent five days earning and saving "KinzKash"...he'd managed to make about 600 KinzKash dollars. Then, Maggie logged on and spent the bulk of their savings on clothes, sandwich makers, blenders and cookbooks for their Webkinz. Joe was apparently upset because she neglected to buy any actual food for their pet...who was starving. I found this to be a unique opportunity to explain certain facts of life to Joe. As in, the boy earns the money and the girl spends it! But hey, I have to agree with Maggie on one point...the webkinz sure looked cute in her new outfits! This morning (in the extra hour we had before church because of daylight savings time) Maggie was doing some online shopping for her Webkinz. She really thought her pet would enjoy some exerise in a swimming pool. So she was shopping around for the best price. When I questioned her as to whether or not Joe knew about this potential expenditure, she wouldn't answer. Luckily, Joe came in just then and saw what she was looking at. His comment to her was, "Maggie, WE ARE NOT BUYING A SWIMMING POOL FOR OUR WEBKINZ UNTIL WE BUY A BACKYARD TO PUT IT IN!!!!" This has been one of my favorite exchanges between Joe and Maggie in a long time, and I thought you all might enjoy it as well.

Pictures for Chelsea

Hey Chelesea,
Here are your pictures...at least a few of them. I'll post more later.
Love ya,