Saturday, December 22, 2007

Time Marches On

Last night, Harry wanted to dress up. This is a daily occurance at our house, so I tried to be patient and ask him what he wanted to dress up as. His first thought was Captain Jack Sparrow, but then he had the better idea of dressing up as a missionary. I was all for it, and within a few minutes we had him pretty well outfitted, including name tag and bicycle helmet. Maggie even got into the act, and I thought how fun it would be to have these pictures someday. With their age difference, they really could be on missions at the same time!

So tonight, Joe and I had to get out for a while, so we called Moani. Moani is quickly becoming our almost full time babysitter. The kids love her, and she's the only one I can trust with all five of the kids at one time. We trust her so much that we called the Robers to see if they could bring their kids over (that's eight children total) and go out to dinner with us. As we were leaving, we heard the kids talking about how Harry and Ashlynn were going to get married. We hear that pretty often from those two lately, so we didn't pay much attention to it. When we got back, we found these pictures as evidence of how serious they really are! As you can see, it was a complete ceremony, with ring exchange and kiss! Only these two could pull this off. In fact, Maggie and Briggs also "got married" this evening, but Maggie apparently put her foot down, or more accurately, her hands up, when it was time for Briggs to kiss the bride. I'm sure Briggs was relieved...Harry and Ashlynn would have been a tough act to follow!
By the way, can anyone tell me how to delete a picture? This one doubled up and I can't figure out how to get rid of it.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday

Well I know you've all been anxiously awaiting photos of Harry's birthday, so I won't keep you in suspense any longer. Harry's words after opening the crutches were "this is the best birthday present ever!" And, to make it even more authentic, we of course had to get an ace bandage to make a "cast". AND, since he's five and his birthday was on Sunday, we of course let him take the crutches to our 9:00 am church meeting. The only problem was, he was a bit too authentic, and people kept asking him and us what had happened. The good thing about Harry though is that most people in the ward know him well enough to totally understand the explanation of him wanting them for his birthday.

We did have a sort of funny/ironic experience today when Harry tried to come DOWN the stairs on his crutches and lost his balance, falling from the 5th stair unto the travertine tile. I could just imagine my conversation with the emergency room doctor, "no, doctor, we won't need any crutches...why not? oh, well, he fell and broke his leg while playing with the crutches he got for his birthday"...anyway, no harm done today. But, I may break the legs of my other children if they don't stop fighting over the dang things. Maggie and Joe spent the entire day complaining that THEY didn't get crutches for their birthdays...not that they asked for them, but shouldn't I just be able to read their minds? Anyway, that's a story for another day.

All in all, a great day...we had the Robers and Grandma Carole and Grandpa Joe over for dinner and cake....this may not be the prettiest cake I've ever made, but it ranks up there pretty high on the coolness factor...For those of you who are Star Wars impaired, this is supposed to be the Death Star.

Harry had a great day...thanks for all the calls and is one of his favorites...a Pirates at World End shirt from Grandpa Steve and Grandma Lark....thanks...he loves it!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Well, after 12 years and over 100,000 miles, it looks like Joe's car is done for. He was sitting innocently at a stop light waiting patiently to turn when another car tried to make a turn too quickly and ran right into him! The body shop says it's probably not worth repairing, so we're preparing to say goodbye to it. It's been such a good car for us...Joe drove me to the hospital in that car when I was in labor with baby Joe, and I drove myself to the hospital to have John (another story completely). So, I guess it's seen us through a full circle of times. We sure will miss that car though!

On another note, is it a sign of a bad pre-school when your 4 year old comes home with an arm looking like this? :)
Poor little Harry. We was such a trooper when a little 3 year old boy at his school tried to take a bite out of him. But really, who wouldn't want to take a bite out of Harry?....he's pretty sweet!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Do You Recognize This Girl?

The box for this Hannah Montana Wig promised that your friends wouldn't even know it's you! What do you think?
This is Maggie's favorite birthday gift...Thanks Grandma Lark & Grandpa Steve!

Off with a bang!

I feel like someone shot a starting gun on the first of December, and the race won't finish until the end of the year! Running, Running, Running. With two December birthdays (I know, we're SO smart) and Christmas, our house is even busier than usual.

I started the month in Oregon actually...Dad had some surgery and I went up to hang out with mom. I know they didn't need my help, but I was just using it as an excuse to get few days by myself. I took the baby and stayed for five days. Mom and I had fun getting all her Christmas decorations up and making her caramel chocolate pretzels (I won't be making them myself this year, as I'm burnt out from making all of hers, but that's another story.) It was a great five days, but I was glad to get back to sunny California....I don't know how all your northerners do it...I guess I've lost the ability.

Thursday the sixth was Maggie's seventh birthday. It was a typical birthday for her...76 degrees in December...we loved it! I decided this year not to invite 12 girls to my house for a birthday party, and opted instead to take 6 girls to Red Hot Pottery, a paint your own pottery studio. We had a great time, and ended up seeing Santa downtown and going to Cold Stone for ice cream as well. The best part was coming home to a clean house! That was definately the kind of party for me! Here are a couple of picture of the party....

After the party, the whole family headed to the world famous Madonna Inn (if they're really world famous, do they really need to say it all the time?) for dinner. We had a great time looking at the Christmas Decorations. Here's a picture I took while walking makes me laugh because it reminds me of pictures of my family when I was little...just a bunch of kids crammed together and having fun.

We also learned during this dinner that John has learned to smile when the camera comes out. The funny part is that he imitates Charlie and smiles so hard it looks like it's pretty cute though....

We saw Santa twice on Saturday, at the Primary Christmas Party, and again at the Ward Christmas Party. We also watched the primary children act out the Nativity Story. Here a some pictures...I don't know, I guess they were supposed to put their hands up to sky in an act of joy, but it really looks more like a bank robbery in progress...

And here are a few pictures of the kids with the big guy...

We ended the weekend with a birthday dinner for Maggie with the Rober's (who were out of town on Maggie's birthday). I have to post this picture of Maggie and Briggs. I think he'd just been told not to touch the cake, and he does NOT look happy about it!

And now for a portion of the blog I'm calling "The Chronicals of Harry". A couple of weeks ago I found Harry standing at the top of the stairs...we had a converstaion, it went a little bit like this:

Harry: "Mom, what would happen if I fell down the stairs?"

Me: "Well Harry, you'd get pretty hurt."

Harry: "Yeah, but would I die?"

Me: "Maybe, it would depend how you fell, maybe you'd just break your leg or something."

Harry: (with a smile) "Okay, but then would I need crutches?"

You see, Harry has been fascinated with crutches ever since he saw an episode of Curious George where he breaks his leg. Every time we go to the drug store he pulls a couple of walking canes off the shelf and pretends he using crutches. So, maybe it's tempting fate, but in five days, on Harry's fifth birthday, he will be unwrapping a brand new pair of child size crutches. Obviously, Harry was saved for the last days...he never could of survived before EBAY was available for present purchasing. So, look forward to a post in the next little while to see Harry on his crutches - every five year old's biggest dream!