Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ta Da

Here it is.....I thought the curls might disapear, but they seem to still be intact.

Happy New Year!

New Year, New You

Here are the official "before" pictures of John....for the New Year, he's getting a haircut! Not his first, but we are going to take a significant amount off. Stay tuned for the "after" shot!

What We Did NOT Get For Christmas

We did not get this for Christmas, but we got to "babysit" this little guy for an hour or so today....even I have to say, pretty cute!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

We had a quiet but nice Christmas Eve this year....our hosts for the evening were Harry and Charlie, who dressed up in their jackets and ties to welcome our guests - Grandma & Grandpa.

For dinner, we set the table nicely, but ordered pizza, chicken and cheesy bread. This was a request from my children, and a concession to my aching back during the last few weeks of this pregnancy.

The highlight of the evening was the re-enactment of Samuel the Lamanite preaching to the Nephites. We made tin foil rocks and a saran-wrap "shield", and everyone took turns playing Samuel. We found this pageant to be a bit more interactive (especially the ACTIVE part of that) than the traditional nativity one....thanks to President Eyring for the idea!

Later, we read the "Legend of the Sand Dollar" and broke them open to find the five doves in each one....this is a Brundage Family Tradition that my children are really learning to look forward to.

The kids all sacked out together in the same room, and John stayed up to enjoy the presents being put out.

Christmas Day was a busy day that I still haven't quite recovered from....more pictures to come soon!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Harry is Six!

Harry's birthday was on Tuesday...we celebrated in fine style, complete with a party at Chuck E Cheese (I am just too pregnant to invite more little boys to my house) and another birthday dinner at CPK (we tried our best to persuade Harry that we COULD go somewhere else for a birthday, but he had it set in his head that that was the place to go). Aunt Chelsea stole the show with her gift of an Airbrush Tattoo kit, which, as you can see, actually worked pretty well. Here are some pictures of the can see Harry has crafted a "signature move" for his birthday pictures.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

When Chelsea Comes for a Visit...

...crazy things happen. Tonight, Harry and Chelsea got bored. Harry asked Chelsea to draw one simple black eye on him...well this is what came of that!
(notice the nipple ring, mom tattoo, stiches, spiked collar, blood and brusies.)

And then the others got involved and this video was made, entitled,


Featuring: Maggie (titles), John (random toddler), Harry (HOG, "the bully"), Joe (Joey, "the nerd"), and Chelsea (announcer).

Doesn't everyone want Chelsea to come for a visit?!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Maggie's Birthday and Baptism

Maggie turned 8 yesterday...we had a grand birthday celebration inlcuding presents, a baptism, a trip to Red Hot Pottery, and a dinner at our favorite, California Pizza Kitchen. Grandpa Steve and Grandma Lark made the 800 mile trip for the big day, and were here for almost 48 hours. Sorry we live so far away....I think you spent more time in the car than you did here! But we LOVED having was a special two days that I know Maggie will always remember. Aunt Chelsea came last week and is staying for almost two more weeks....I'm so happy to have her here. These last few weeks get pretty tough for me and she is helping me a LOT! Plus, she's just lots of fun to hang out with!
Here are a few pictures to enjoy....
P.S. Maggie's dress is the one I wore when I was baptized as well....made with love by Grandma Lark.