Sunday, December 14, 2008

When Chelsea Comes for a Visit...

...crazy things happen. Tonight, Harry and Chelsea got bored. Harry asked Chelsea to draw one simple black eye on him...well this is what came of that!
(notice the nipple ring, mom tattoo, stiches, spiked collar, blood and brusies.)

And then the others got involved and this video was made, entitled,


Featuring: Maggie (titles), John (random toddler), Harry (HOG, "the bully"), Joe (Joey, "the nerd"), and Chelsea (announcer).

Doesn't everyone want Chelsea to come for a visit?!!


SLO Rober said...

OOh! I'm applauding! That was awsome! Someday that is going to be priceless!

Alyssa said...

thats freaking awesome.

Team Clark said...

Oh, wow! Very interesting, Chelsea!

joeandcarole said...

That is an amazing production. Kudos to the director and the actors. Well done, Chelsea and group!