Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Liahona

Today, Harry spent a good portion of the day trying to figure out how he could get his hands on the Liahona. (For anyone wondering, we recently inherited the entire set of Living Scripture Videos...thus the preocupation with all things Book of Mormon)

Anyway, on the way to school he asked if maybe I could bring it back with me from Utah when I went next week. When I explained that that probably wouldn't be an option, he suggested that "maybe you could ask the Lord to give it to me as a gift when I get baptized." I said, sure, I could ask for him, but maybe it would help for him to ask too.

Later in the day, he decided that a replica Liahona might suffice until he could get the ACTUAL Liahona. And so, tired of hearing about it, and knowing that I wouldn't stop hearing about it until he had one, we got in the car and headed off to Michaels for some supplies. He had gone through lots of options, and about a half an hour, and had about $20-25 worth of Liahona making supplies in our cart, when a voice came over the loud speaker at Michaels. It announced that there was a possible fire in the building and could we all please leave our purchases where they were and evacuate the building. On the way out, much to Harry's delight, we saw two firefighters on their way in. AND, they were actually carrying axes! It was just about the best thing Harry had ever witnessed. Telling the story to everyone at home was almost enough to make him forget about why we had actually gone to Michaels in the first place. ALMOST. So, as a last resort, I rifled through the Christmas decorations in the garage and pulled out a glittery golden bulb-type ornament. Shockingly to me, this seemed to fulfil the requirements of the Liahona (so glad I found this out before I spent the afore mentioned $25.00). He wrapped it in a dishcloth, packed it up in his Pirates of the Caribbean treasure chest, and was completely content for the entire evening. I was happy too, because he took me very seriously when I reminded him that the Liahona would only work if he was obedient.

As he was going to bed, I noticed that the glitter had rubbed off and was all over his face and chest. He looked and himself in the mirror, completely pleased, and said, "yeah, now I look like Moroni." I can already feel a costume headache coming on. :)

PS - here's the picture of Charlie as Indiana Jones...you can just see the look of satisfaction on his face because everyone thought it was so cool.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Mysteries of Blogging

This is what I don't get....the times when we are really busy and do really fun things (like having Grandma and Grandpa come for a visit, taking my nine year old to a Michael Buble concert, going on the Father Son Campout, etc...) I can't seem to find anything to blog about. I mean, these are the things I should be writing down, right?

So then I was thinking about what I do blog about...just the silly, daily, mundane things we do. And I thought, well, maybe that's right - maybe those are the things that need to be documented. I mean, the kids and I will always remember the vacations and the visits, but will we remember what it was actually like to live a day in our home? ( And on the flip side, do I really want them to remember some of it?) I can't say I remember that kind of stuff from my childhood.

So, for now, I'll stop feeling guilty about not documenting all those fun things, and focus on those little things, like Harry praying every night, saying, "Dear Heavenly Father, oh Please Heavenly Father, let me have a dream about Nephi", or Harry coming out of the bathroom in nothing but his little whitie tightie underwear, a toothbrush in one hand and a tube of hydrocordisone cream in the other and asking loudly, "what in the HELL is this stuff?" ( ala Dad, I have to admit).

Or, seeing the look on Charlie's face after dressing up like Indiana Jones and going to show his brothers, who were for once, so excited for him because he looked so cool.

Or changing my cell phone ring tone to the Indiana Jones theme song, and having my kids think I'm pretty dang cool when they hear it ring. "Wow, mom, cool ring tone" was Joe's comment.

These, and so many others are the things that make up the joys (and sometimes agonies) of living in our home, and I'm so glad I have the chance to be able to remember them. :)