Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Bahumbug?

Can I just say right now how happy I am that Halloween is on Sunday? That I have a legitimate excuse to turn off all the lights on Sunday night and not pass out candy to strangers? I guess I've got a little case of Halloween Ba-humbug (if such a thing exists), and now that Trunk-or-Treat is behind us, I'm ready to put away all things Halloween and just pretend it's already over. Unfortunately, my children don't agree so much with me on this subject. At any rate, here's the Trunk-Or-Treat run down:

Maggie as SuperGirl.
She came home from school yesterday and said, "mom, remember I want to wear blue eye shadow and glitter in my hair." This was a complete shocker to me. She's NEVER asked to wear makeup or have her hair done up fancy. I've always thought it was kind of funny that my one girl is not very "girly" when it comes to stuff like that. But, after a quick run to the drug store, we were able to accomodate the make-up and glitter request. I'm not totally comfortable with this costume. It's a little too grown-up for me...which I didn't expect from Maggie. It didn't seem that way when she tried it on earlier this week, but between the lipstick and the hip-jutting pose she struck for the camera, I'm starting to get a bit nervous. When did this happen?

Anyway, on to an easier topic...Star Wars.

Here's Charlie as a Luke Skywalker...specifically, Luke Skywalker on the Planet Bespin, just like in number four. That despcription probably means more to some of you than others. As you can see, he took the role very seriously...

As did his older brother. That's Harry behind the mask there. We took some time to add some extras to the standard costume...he was pretty pleased with himself.

And this little boy is starting to look very grown up. Three weeks ago when he asked to be a UPS man, I never thought he'd actually stick with it for the big night. But he did. So, even though you've seen it before, here's John the UPS man.

Joe IV is gone this week at Outdoor school. This kind of snuck up on me...he left Tuesday morning and won't be back until Friday afternoon. I ran around all day Monday getting physically ready for him to be gone, (buying bug spray and rain ponchos, and all the things you need to go to outdoor school) that I kind of didn't have time to get ready emotionally for him to go. Which was probably a good thing. By the time I realized what happened, he was already he was spared of having a big blubbering mother at the drop off.

To demonstrate how really bahumbug I'm feeling about Halloween, here's a little confession... I didn't even really dress Jack up for Trunk or Treat. At the last minute, I put the Old Navy monkey costume top (which is really just like a big sweatshirt) on over his regular clothes, but he had it off by the time we made it too the church. I know, are you so shocked? Me too...but just a little bit.

Really, it's not that I don't like Halloween. Honestly, I usually like the holiday. It's just that this year, we have a couple of REALLY big things to look forward to after my sister's wedding in Arizona in 10 days, and Johns fourth birthday (which will involve a trip to the car crushing yard) on the first of November. I think we're just so excited about getting ready for these two things that we don't have an extra energy to extend towards Halloween.

So stay tuned...I'm sure you can't wait to see pictures of six little boys visiting an auto junk yard....

Friday, October 15, 2010

From Baby To Boy

Went to Oregon last week....five childless days....a lovely day at the temple...didn't take the camera...returned to find my baby not a baby anymore....

And yes, his shoes are on the wrong feet...but when you're only one and can put your own shoes on, nobody complains...