Monday, September 27, 2010

Only A Matter Of Time

Really, you could have seen this one coming from a long way off...

Brachs has some serious issues with quality control...these are all the "unacceptable" ones. They are still, however, and unfortanately for my diet, very acceptable for eating.

Now, if it would just stop being 106 deegrees at my house, we might actually start to feel like Fall!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Heart Technology

Can I just say how much I love technology?

Because today, instead of cutting and pasting in the literal sense, I just clicked a few buttons and ordered this poster for Charlie's "ME" board at school tomorrow!

A trip to Costco in the morning and $8.99, and I am done!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not So Regularly Scheduled Programming

We now take a break from our Regularly Scheduled Programming to bring you....

The Hunger Games....

According to my Kindle, I'm 66% of the way through book number two. Which means, (if my calculations are correct) I'll be back to my regular life by sometime tomorrow evening.

I know I'm late jumping on this bandwagon, but is it just me or do these books feel like a teenage version of the Ayn Rand books I read in college? Except that I read those when I was a I might have to go back and read those very "adult" books again now that I'm so much more adult. :)

I did take an ever-so-tiny break to whip up this little creation....and then spent my evening clearing out all the "packages" that had to be delivered. Oh UPS men go, this one's pretty cute.

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Begining To Look A Lot Like.....

Birthday Season!
That's right, these next six months are when we celebrate all six of our childrens' birthdays. I know, super smart parents are we! So, what does birthday season mean at our house? Lots of cake mixes, lots of easy frosting cans, plenty of sprinkles, and even more candles. It's the time of year when the birthday banner goes up and pretty much stays up...even through the christmas holiday.

So already this month we celebrtated Charlie's sixth birthday. He's officially celbrated HALF of his birthdays in the Super Mario Brothers style. I was hoping this year we'd cycle back around to Star Wars or Indianna Jones, but no, we were still stuck squarely in Mario World. We counted his t-shirts. He has 15 Mario T-shirts, 12 Star Wars T-shirts, and 5 of Indiana Jones. I used to take real issue with message t-shirts for in...I didn't like them. Somewhere along the way, my viewpoint on this issue changed....I don't know why...something about the complete and utter joy you see on a kid's face when they put on a t-shirt that so completely portrays their current passion. At some point, (as we all know from Stacy and Clinton) message tees are not appropriate for adults. So I say to all you six year olds out there, "live it up!". And sometimes I wonder what message would be on a shirt I would wear....something like "I love to sew!" or "I have six kids and they're driving me crazy today!" It might make for a more interesting world sometimes.

Four days later we celebrated my birthday....complete with cupcakes made COMPLETELY by Maggie and a new Kindle for me (Which was backordered and actually just came I'll let you know how that one goes)

And finally, we here in California celebrated Grandpa Joe's birthday with a traditional CPK dinner. I thought this picture was could see all the kids but barely half the adults. Just a little glimpse of what my family looks like when we go out to eat at somewhere other than McDonalds or Taco Bell. Closely contained chaos is what I like to call it.

So, one kid birthday down, only 5 more to go! Plus Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas...oh...and my sister getting married in November. We're gearing up and getting should be a bumpy but celebrated ride!