Sunday, October 7, 2007

Back to Blogging

I refuse to believe that I can't blog.... just because I started this blog two weeks ago and have yet to add to it doesn't mean anything. We've just been busy!

We started a small re-modeling job this week by taking down the wall in between our tv room (AKA Joe's TV Cave) and the dining room. The plan is to make it feel more like a "great room" where everyone can be together. That's the plan...right now however, it's just a dusty dirty mess! We should be grateful though that our upstairs bathroom didn't fall down into the dining room after the wall came down (there was some discussion about whether or not this wall was a load bearing wall). Apparently, it is not- so far anyway. Below is a picture of what it looks like so far. We've still got a lot of work to do, but I think the end result will be good.

Joe and I have also started doing indexing for the church. This is a wonderful project that only takes a few minutes each day. It relieves a lot of the guilt we feel for not being able to get to the temple more than a couple of times a year. This way, we feel like we're making a contribution to the family history effort. I encourage everyone to try this....just go to to volunteer. There are over 80 billion names to enter, so we need all the help we can get!

In the area of things I need to write about just so I don't forget them, I submit the following:

This week Harry happened upon me watching a documentary about a celebrity (okay, it was an E! True Hollywood story). Anyway, there was some footage of someone getting a tattoo, and Harry was of course full of questions which I did my best to answer. The following day, Harry came to me with a great idea, "Mom, why don't we go to the store and buy a whole bunch of tattoos and then get some chairs for the front room, and we can have people come over to our house and put tattoos on them! Wouldn't that be fun?" So, Harry's first entrepreneurial endeavor would be a tattoo parlor...not a lemonade stand for him...let's go to where the real money is!

Maggie spent today making a to-do list for is what she has planned:

1. Celebrate Columbus Day

2. Play pirates with Harry

3. Learn to ride a bike

4. Learn to tie shoes

5. Play Pokemon with Joe

6. Play with John

Wow, we sure have a lot to do tomorrow....I don't know exactly what celebrating Columbus Day will entail, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow!

Two weeks ago, Harry had his friend Briggs over for a playdate. During the playdate, he decided to dress up as Jack Sparrow so that Briggs could sit on his lap and get his picture taken ("Just like with Santa Claus, mom). Sometimes it's easier to just do these things Harry requests, rather than argue with him - as he'll always have a better rebuttal than I'm able to come up with. Here is the picture we took - Briggs couldn't be talked into actually sitting on Jack's lap, but did concede to sit next to him.

John celebrated his 11 month birthday (when I say celebrate, I mean I said to myself one day, "Oh, John is eleven months old today). He continues to crawl in his "army-style" crawl. Joe describes it as "He looks like he's just been shot and he's crawling to the phone to call 911." By the way, John is our first child to actually do that. I was letting him play with the phone - because I had the lock function on - so what could he hurt?, when I heard the phone ringing. I looked down quickly to see the number he had dialed (911) and quickly hung up the phone. I thought I had lucked out until the phone immediately started ringing. The caller ID said, private, but the person on the other end was the 911 dispatcher, calling to make sure all was well. I explained the situation, apologized and hung up, sure that the incident was over. Until of course, the doorbell rang about 7 minutes later. Imagine my surprise to find 2 police officers on my porch! After much apologizing on my part, they left, convinced that no one was coerrcing my pleasant responses. Embarrassing, but nice to know how quick the response time would be were there an actual emergency!


Annee said...

Way to go Brooke. Keep it up, my kids will love seeing pictures of your kids. It's a good darn thing that Harry and George are not next door neighbors, or I'm quite confident the tatoo parlor would be open and in operation. Can't wait for the next update.

Team Clark said...

Thanks for the good morning chuckle - I laughed through that thing. I loved Maggie's to-do list (by the way, if she's having trouble learning to ride a bike tell her it took me a LONG time to learn - I had to try over and over and over and over again until I finally learned, so it's okay and it'll come with time) and Harry is enough to keep anyone laughing.
Good luck with your room, it will be fun to see the end product. And I'm glad, too, that your upstairs bathroom didn't fall downstairs.

Taylor said...

I need a to do list more like Maggie's...

Valerie said...

I remember the last time we were there you guys were talking about losing that wall. It looks nice so far.
Glad to read your blog. I enjoy your writing!


Alyssa Lark said...

mom told me about the tatoo parlor. Only he would think of that..haha

SLO Rober said...

Love the wall, love the pirate. I will be over later this afternoon to get "tats" for all of my kids. I think it would really spice up the primary program this week!(do I even have to say that I'm kidding?)

V and Co. said...

i love your house! it looks so good!