Friday, October 7, 2011

House Guests

Hey, anybody want to come visit? Did you know that San Luis Obispo is the home to happiest people in America? Did you know that it is also the home to this?

Joe and I had just gotten home from a movie and thought the kids put a toy spider on the sliding door to scare us. It only took a small moving of the door before we realized that it was indeed very real, and was indeed very much INSIDE our house.

Luckily for us (a family plagued by arachnophobia) a neighbor rang the door bell at just the moment we discovered this unwanted house guest,(Seriously, a tender mercy there who helped us to capture the spider in a shoe box. Then, as a family, we walked the box far far far away and released it into the wild. I sure hope it didn't follow us home. Seriously, I think I'm going to need more than an Ambien to sleep tonight.

See the video here:

Untitled from Brooke Brundage on Vimeo.