Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Banner Day At the Brundage House

It's a banner day when John actually outgrows something. Too bad we only got these Frosty Jammies out of storage two weeks ago! Notice the safety pin. The only remedy for this fiasco is to wear them all day long!

Side note to my brother Darin: When I was in Oregon, I found some pictures of you at about John's age. The resemblance is uncanny. I didn't have time to scan them...maybe I can convince Mom or Dad to dust off their scanner and upload them.

Thanks to Julie who immediately responded to my request! Here are a couple of the pictures I was thinking of:

Uncanny, right? (cool word, uncanny is)


earnestendeavors said...

I have a bunch of them scanned - any ones in particular you want posted? I can post them on facebook later tonight.

earnestendeavors said...

Ok - in an effort to get out of doing the dishes I just posted a bunch of pictures on facebook and tagged all the sibs. Unfortunately, now I have to go do the dishes. :(

maggielarkb said...

thanks Julie! There was one that I remember in particular, but the one where we're all wearing the Air Force shirts is a pretty good likeness too! Make your kids do the dishes!

Annee said...

Look, now you know how cute John is going to be when he grows up too. Super handsome.

And seriously, how did Darin have four kids, and not a single one looked like him as a kid?!

Those are great vintage photos. I hadn't seen any of those before!

Beautiful One said...

Man! I looked at those pics on Facebook last night and thought the same thing! Uncanny, for sure! Darling family Brooke, your doing it right. Enjoy! (This is Jodie, by the way, "Beautiful One" was used as a joke, don't know how to change it.)

V and Co. said...

wow. i mean really! so a lot of your kids look like your side of the family. and here i always thought they looked like joe's side!

you know another cool word is: brouhaha.

that just so happens to be my most favorite word.

Alyssa Lark said...

it really is uncanny.... and I love the foreshawdowing of darin's career with those t-shirts.