Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Day Before Christmas Eve

Well, it's Christmas Eve today, but we still had to find something to do yesterday, the day BEFORE Christmas Eve. Think, Brooke, Think, what can you do to fill a couple of hours with six kids aged 11-1? I've got it! Ride the city's new double decker bus around the city! Yes, everyone will love it!

(sorry for the small picture...I guess that's all the city thinks of it's new extravagance.)

First though, start off the trip with lunch at McDonald's. It's funny when your own family looks a bit like a school field trip, as in these two pictures...

(Sorry about the small pictures didn't actually expect me to lug around my huge camera AND six kids on the city bus did you?) (also, yes, Harry is kind of dressed as a cross between a shawshank prisoner and a biker)

And then, it's fun when your family takes up the entire back row of the top level of the double decker bus!

We had a fun day...the ride began by feeling like something at Disneyland, but as we neared the end of the hour-long loop around the city back to our car, it felt a bit more like what I'm sure a grey-hound bus ride would!

When we got back in the car we realized we'd left the remote to Harry's new light saber lamp in the bus. We almost gave it up to the lost gods, but inspiration stuck with a phone call to dad who quickly walked to the downtown bus transfer station and picked it up. The bus driver obviously remembered the woman alone with six kids and let Dad on the bus to find the lost item. In the end, all was well.

Now, off to do something "Christmas Evey" as John has just requested!

Merry Christmas!