Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year, But An Old Post

So before we get too far into the new year of 2011 and all the adventures I'm sure it will have to offer, lets round out the year of 2010 with our Christmas adventures and Harry's amazing baptism.

First I guess, would be Christmas Eve. This was spent in our traditional style with a few new twists.

In the early afternoon, we packed a lunch and Joe took his two younger brothers hiking up Bishop's Peak. Do you remember hearing in the news about how much it rained in California over the past few weeks? About how six counties in the state declared a state of emergency? Yeah, that was us. Well Christmas eve dawned clear but cold (for us anyway), and the boys were excited to get out and go hiking. I don't have any pictures of this...I was already sending a cell phone with them, I didn't feel like losing two pieces of technical equipment that day. I think they made it almost to the top...which was a great achievement. But the better achievement? Three brothers working together and having fun together for over five hours! Seriously, priceless!

While the boys hiked a {mountain} (located conveniently behind Grandma and Grandpa's house), Maggie spent the afternoon at their house helping Grandma to prepare the Brundage Family traditional Christmas Eve dinner of SOUP. Yeah, I'm not sure EXACTLY when our how that tradition started, but I LOVE it. Easy, fast, and if rolls are included, yummy for everyone in the family.

Here's the boys preparing to eat- they were hungry after all that hiking!

Jack kind of stole the show that evening for his astonishing cuteness:

And yet more cuteness...all six of my children have worn this Santa shirt from Target circa 1999. It's survived pretty well. When you asked Jack who was on his shirt, he would answer with a simple, "Ho Ho Ho" in a deep voice, followed by a giggle. Too cute. It's really good he's cute. He's really a stinker. Just saying.

After dinner, traditional Christmas Eve Jammies were opened. This picture shows how ridiculously hard it is to get a shot of six children on Christmas Eve after opening just ONE present.

And again, Jack with the cuteness:

Next up in the program, our Samuel the Lamanite Re-enactment.

We upgraded this year by making a drop-cloth/PVC pipe rock wall for Samuel to stand on (well, actually to stand behind).Also, new cookie sheets made great shields. Tin foil balls were thrown, everyone got a turn, and then we moved onto the next activity, which was obviously, breaking sand dollars with a hammer. Again, obviously.

Finally, the evening was over, and it was time to head home and wait for Santa....who made a pretty good showing at our house.

Mom and Dad made a pretty good showing at our house too:

Charlie's stocking was so heavy the hook couldn't handle the weight

But before any presents could be opened, or even seen, the obligatory Christmas morning on the stairs picture was taken. It was easy with five children:

Not so easy with six:

Some random pictures of present opening:

Jack really was more excited about this gift than the picture portrays:

This picture represents the curse of Christmas 2010. Nine days later and we've FINALLY gotten this set put together. And when I say we, I mean Joe.

Some new blankets made for growing boys by mom. One made without my new walking foot, one with. Verdict...walking foot equals awesomeness.

See this Lord of the Rings replica ring that Harry got? If you do, could you return it to us? We haven't seen it since the 2:30 Christmas Day showing of Gulliver's Travels in the Fremont Theatre. Well, you win some, you lose some.

Oh...I'm getting tired of typing..not even my very stylish new wrist braces I received a few days after Christmas following a very unpleasant EMG procedure can keep away the tingling fingers on a post this long. So, let's hurry a bit through the next part.

Harry's baptism:

A big thank you to Barbara for the beautiful rendering of Harry with Jesus. Something I'm sure he will always treasure:

Some children posing pre-baptism. Funny story...I think Harry is the only child that has his own Baptismal clothes as part of his regular wardrobe. He took one look at the jumpsuit that the boys usually wear and said, "can't I wear something else?" So, we accommodated. Only the tie had to be borrowed.

Obligatory pictures with Grandmas, Grandpas, and baptizing fathers:

A quick practice session in the hallway:

And the thing was done and it was on to refreshments...certainly not the highlight of the afternoon, but a definite perk. Harry requested cheesecake and sparkling apple cider.(He really wanted to serve the cider in plastic champagne glasses, but I convinced him that maybe that was not the most appropriate thing to do at his baptism, even if it was on New Years Eve) Other than that, I was happy to accommodate...with a few additions. ALL food courtesy of Costco and my am-ex card:

The "after" shot with the entire family..don't you just love my new RA haircut and sock brace cover? I'm sure it will soon be all the rage in the RA community.:

Well,that was pretty much it...I can't think of a much better way to start a new year than by having a baptism.

And finally, this post was brought to you by my most favorite Christmas gift to myself.

Keeps soda cold and most importantly, virtually unspill-able. It has been well-used these last two weeks of Christmas break. Maybe it will get a break tomorrow when the children all go BACK TO SCHOOL!


Alyssa Lark said...

great post.... I'm glad you had a good Christmas.

I got Taylor one of those cups... although not pink, his is brown. He loves it.

Team Clark said...

Looks like a fun Christmas -
And HARRY! I'm so proud of you! I'm glad you had such a special day. Love you!

Valerie said...

We....uh....Santa got Kyle the same 1700 piece set. Now we keep finding little tools and hats in Drew's mouth. Not sure what Santa was thinking when he brought it.

That cover for the brace is brilliant! All my times wearing mine and I never thought about a cute cover! That is going on my to do list.

Thanks for the fun post! We wanted to come for the baptism but with my calling it just wasn't a good time. Hope you're feeling better and you all have a great new year!

Emilee said...

Brooke...your hair is SO cute! I love it. And, your family is just as cute as ever and it looks like you've had an eventful holiday season and new year! I wonder how you pull everything off with such perfection....right down to the details. Amazing!

joeandcarole said...

I had no idea that we had so much fun on Christmas, but seeing those shiny, sweet faces and hearing your story of it, I can remember that it was definitely a Christmas to remember.
Harry's Baptism was wonderful. One that he will remember always. You are amazing with all your talents and all that you do with your family.
Oh yes, thanks for the is great!!

Love you...